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Petit Souk Furniture.

Many people today have resorted to establishing a separate dressing room from the bedroom, usually independent for changing clothes. The shapes, colors, and sizes of dressing rooms vary according to each person’s preference and the space of the room itself.

This is for more privacy when changing clothes and to avoid crowding in the bedroom and preserve its quietness. Modern dressing room shapes vary according to the homeowner’s preference, the designer’s vision, and the dedicated space for it. If there is no available space for a separate dressing room, the bedroom itself can be partitioned, and sliding shelves are preferred to avoid spreading clothes all over the place.

There are dressing rooms with walls covered by cabinets and closed doors so that nothing appears visible, while others have transparent glass to display all items. There are also dressing rooms in the shape of an L or U, open with drawers and cabinets. Cabinets are usually installed on walls for stability, and the modern trend is to have open shelves and cabinets for easy access to clothes and belongings. However, if the room is open, it will be exposed to dust, and it is recommended to have at least glass doors to maintain cleanliness.

Our factory produces some of the best modern wardrobe and dressing designs, made of the best materials such as Counter and MDF, with the Counter made of GOOD WOOD and coated with HBL. We have the latest manufacturing machines and the best materials to achieve the highest quality at the best prices. Our designs are made by specialized engineers, and we provide measurement lifting, manufacturing, and installation under engineering supervision, which distinguishes our work. All colors and sizes are available with the best materials.

We always strive to meet the expectations of our valued customers.